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I have a question about these two products. Is it possible to use Retin-A Micro one night and then the next night BP gel? Or will this make the Retin-A Micro/BP regimen just become an exfoliant? Will the retin-a Micro still work? Pleez help! im trying to put a regimen together and i hav no idea whether i should incorporate retin-a micro or not.

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i'm on dan's regimen and i substitute r-a-m every other night for the bp. it really seems to be working! my skin is really smooth. be prepared for your skin to be really flakey for a week or so, though.

by the way, my derm is the one who recommended my new regimen so i'm sure it's safe.

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Yup, that would be fine. The RetinAMicro will speed up the cell cycle, so dead skin cells will find it harder to stick together, resulting in less clogged pores. The BP kills the acne bacteria. They do different things and work great together. Some people use the BP A.M and RetinAMicro P.M, but it can be more irritating that way. So to alternate between them every P.M sounds good. Just be sure not to use them on the same nights, because when applied together, they cancel eachother out. Hope that helped smile.gif

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