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Considering Surgery For A Cyst

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I was on accutane and it worked on the whole but during my course I picked up three cysts on my face. One on my cheek seems to have scarred so I'm still waiting if it fully recovers. It's been about 6 months since that one had its second cortisone shot. The one above my eyebrow has had two cortisone shots but it has flared up on occasion so I'm seriously considering getting it surgically removed. It's so depressing when it flares up because I can't even leave my room without being embarrassed, normally I try and cover it with foundation but when it's big you can still see the lump. Does anyone know how bad surgery scars are? Also, does this prevent it from coming back again? It seems to be taking over my life right now and I can't live in fear that it's gonna keep flaring.

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I've had a few removed...first of all don't let a general derm do the excisions if it's on your face, you need to see a plastic surgeon or a derm who does lots of mohs surgery (skin cancer removal)...so that is step one, and very important

yes having the cyst and cyst wall surgically removed prevents it from coming back - so that is the good news for sure

it will leave a scar, but the scar will fade and be a small white line, you could have it lasered, just that spot with an ablative laser...or needle it, after a year that is

same thing with me, the same spots just kept coming back over and over....but you need a skilled doctor to remove them on your face..

good luck to you!

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Did you have to wait long after you told your dermatologist you wanted it removed? I've got an appointment on Monday and I'm dreading he'll either not let me have surgery or make me wait for months!

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I had shots in cysts, and have had them removed and you really don't want to go through that.....

Have you tried salt water compresses, and honey/cinnamon mask to bring it down? Or a clay mask on the pimple to calm it down?

I had cystic acne, but it's gone now. I posted my cure in nutrition/holistic. I gave up on derms to be honest. The things they give us are trash! They will just keep coming back!


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I didn't have to wait long at all- we decided together that they will just keep coming back, and I had a couple done at the same time. you will want to be out of sight for a few days if it's right on your face.

When you made the appointment did you ask for a general consult appointment or a surgery appointment? The later takes more time, so call and make sure they know what appointment you want if you weren't clear. That's the only problem that I see you having, you may have to go back for a surgery appointment.

Good luck to you, be careful as it heals and it really won't be a big deal, and the cyst will NEVER come back there!! Keep me posted.

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Just seen my dermatologist and it couldn't really have gone worse! He said if I want it removed I'd have to see a plastic surgeon but it's going to cost a lot! I really can't be dealing with this on my face but I don't know what to do... All my self confidence has gone because of one thing!

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