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Water Causing My Acne?

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I literally can't take a shower/splash my face with water without my skin drying out. I've been living in my current house (in the city) for the past 2 years, and my skin has gotten progressively worse. I've tried multiple shower head filters, and literally it does not make a difference what I use. I even tried splashing my face with distilled water for a bit after showering, but that didn't really seem to help either. I moisturize and everything afterwards, but my face feels tight, and I can tell that it is dry. It's not like when I wake up in the morning and my face looks and feels moisturized. I tried jojoba oil for a bit, and that definitely helped, but my skin started to break out in places it never had from it.

I am quite sure that washing is the cause of my acne. When I shower only once a day, the dry skin isn't nearly as bad.

I honestly don't know what to do at this point. I could stop washing altogether, but I'm sure that'd cause additional problems too.. any suggestions are greatly appreciated..

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When I shower only once a day, the dry skin isn't nearly as bad.

Does this mean you usually shower twice a day? How often do you wash your face? How was your face before you moved into your current house? Have you experimented by using the water at other places (like a hotel if you travel, a friend's place, etc.)? Maybe your house just has really hard, abrasive water.

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Well I normally shower before work (am) and shave in the shower and then when I get home I'll shower and wash with just water after working out. I've tried every shaving cream/razor under the sun, and that hasn't helped with the dry skin either.

My skin was much better in my previous house and at night I would just blot my face with toilet paper to get off any oil then put on treatments. The hard thing now is that I workout when I get home and so it's kind of have to shower again, even if its brief.

There are definitely some places that I have noticed my skin isn't nearly as bad. For instance I was in puerto rico for a week and june, and instantly noticed how nice the water was to my skin.

I'm really bummed because my face has never been this bad, and it just doesn't seem to be making any improvement whatsoever.

There's a cleanser by Avene (cleanance series for acne skin) that works without water.

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