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I Burned My Skin With Tea Tree Oil. Help?

@Mtwar This is in the wrong section, I see this post is very old. You have PIE or wounding post Tea Tree. This goes away with time. Might be week or months, the body is slower than you want it to heal. 

This really does not look bad, just some redness, ... same you would get after a peel. Moisturize and use sunscreen. Yes your a dude but you can buy some dermablend or concealer / tinted sunscreen if it bugs you that much while it heals. No scrubs or exfoliants. Aloe is soothing, honey, emu oil, comfrey, castor oil, vaseline, etc... 

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On 11/16/2017 at 5:37 AM, JustAnotherDumbTeen said:

THIS EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!! If you're coming to this thread because you just did this to yourself, try not to beat yourself up. As I'm sure you've seen already, this has happened to A LOT of us!!:smileys_n_people_24:

STEP 1: Please don't panic. I realize it's a very hard thing to do, but the moment this happened to me I wish I would have cut myself some slack. This is actually very normal, and it's usually nothing an ointment, disinfectant, and careful care won't fix.

This worked for my would, it might not work for yours. I will attempt to describe my wound as best as possible so that you can determine if it applies to you, but I still recommend that for 100% certainty you go visit a dermatologist. 

I gave burnt myself by leaving a bandaid soaked in 100% pure tea tree oil overnight, and woke up to an angry red burn on my cheek. It burned and itched, and my first instinct was to put neosporin on it. DO NOT PUT ANY MAKEUP ON IT, as it may infect your wound and make things worse. I know it's hard to walk around with a burn on your face, but you just have to suck it up for a bit so that you can get rid of it in a week. I know that a week sounds like an eternity right now, but trust me when I say it isn't. Also, you'll find people actually don't care that much about that burn on your face, since their days don't revolve around you. 

I disinfected my wound and put neosporin on it for the first 2 days, and then I went to see a dermatologist. She told me to put vaseline on the wound before showering and after showering. It sounded strange, but I did it anyways and IT WORKED FREAKING WONDERS!! This is only my 3rd day treating my burn with vaseline and it has nearly completely healed already. I do cover it up with a band-aid after I apply vaseline post-shower to help prevent infection from walking the streets of new york all day. This has not affected my healing process, but I do recommend that once you get home you take the band aid off to let your wound breathe.

Finally, DO NOT EXPOSE IT TO THE SUN since this might scar your sensitive skin.


I hope this helped! You're still just as beautiful as you were before. Good luck!!

Thank you so much for ur post!!! Damn,I used tea tree oil few times per day on my pimple area on the cheek and guess what?!....yep, got tto burn :(. Literally skin came off and now super red. Gotta follow ur advice and hope for the best.


Damn...feeling so silly right now for not doing a proper research before "treating" my pimple on my cheek. So, in short...i used to apply 2-3 times per day pure TTO on pimple on my cheek and yeah, it got burned. Now it's red and skin liturally came off.

Found great advices here, thanks to everyone! So far as I understood,I need to keep it clean away from water, sun, etc. And apply constantly Vaseline for a faster heeling. 

That's what I'm gonna do now, coz going now to the doctor at the moment is not possible due to the insurance.


Hope my cheek will heal.


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Guys my cheek became worse :( it's red around...I'm wondering if skin trying to heel itself or its highly infected :(

First pic I took yesterday, second pic today.


S.o.s. Guys



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