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Has anyone used Nerium for their scars? I'm looking for real world opinions on the effectiveness of the product.

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What I see? In a nutshell... marketing hype and little to no evidence that Nerium AD does anything for scarring. The huge list of ingredients is staggering and most of those ingredients are not "active". Also, it contains vitamin E which is a warning flag for me. There is no proof that vitamin E does anything to help scarring and in some cases vitamin E actively makes your skin worse. So I avoid it.

It's not something that I would waste my money on. Topicals alone will not help scarring anyway. ;) I wouldn't/couldn't recommend that you even try it. Sorry if that's not the opinion you wanted to hear.

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If you go to Amazon dot com and do a search on Nerium AD for reviews most People who are verified to purchase this product having giving it negative reviews & hasn't done much for them at all at that expensive price. The others who are not verified to purchase it on Amazon most of those gave it positive reviews. Now to me, Those could be shills who work for the company & Market it themselves in order to get People to continue to buy it and decieve thos new potential customers out there. I would only trust those reviews that are verified purchases & not those who could be making false statements who are not verified to purchase this from amazon.

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