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need peels or something for redmarks

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hi let me tell you more about myself

im 15 i have struggled with acne since i was 12.. me and sometimes my older brother used to pop my zits and i got all these redmarks left over.. i knew i shouldnt have listened to him..

anyway, i got a few blackheads, and the occanainal two or three whiteheads.. but a ton of redmarks on my forehead where it was almost severe at a point..

ive never done a peel, i dont know how to do, i dont know much about them..

my skin is pretty harsh, i dont dry out to 10% bp or 2% sa.. but this is my first peel so i dont want something that will kill me you know..

should i post a pic and you guys can help me out or can you help me out now?

i need to get a peel or something for redmarks besides vinegar.. its worked but its losing effectiveness i think..

please help me out it sucks being clear and having all these redmarks to remind yourself of those horrible times.. eusa_wall.gifeusa_wall.gif

thank anyone in advance

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i have retin-A or as its called on my bottle "Tretinoin Cream 0.025%"

I only have a 1 month supply and I heard it can take up to four months, and it makes my face really red throughout that one month..

if i knew it took 4 months i wouldnt have spent the 75$ on it

thx for the reply..

i dont want to wait for them to go away on their own, its been about six months atleast and i still have losts of them.. i want to do something.. i want a peel

can you help me out?

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You could see an esthetician. They could give you peels, and they would be much cheaper than most doctors would. Not to be condescending, but you do need some patience to treat red marks.

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You could type "esthetician arizona yellow pages" into google and go to the first web site. I predict that no matter what you have done, it will not work like you expect or hope.

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You can start with a mild glycolic like 10% you can buy it at your local pharmacy. Get the oil free formula. Use it one daily for a month then you can move up to 20% you can find it on ebay for under $10. Start that at about 5min 2 times a week and work your way up gradually.

Maybe you should post a pic of your scars, some times what you think are scars are still acne. Its the type that doesn't come out from the skin just looks red, but when it finally goes away it will leave a rolling scar. That's what I had, only help accutane, even then I was still left with scars.

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