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Scar On Nose From Blackheads

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I have oily skin and this causes my nose to be littered with blackheads. Occasionally they even stick out abit. I used this plastic pick end of a dental floss pick to scrape them off with some success not knowing the potential ramifications so I continued to do it. However looking back this was a obviously a stupid thing to do. As a result of this I opened up a pore and now it is more like a crevice on my nose. It is right on the fold that sees the most movement when I smile or frown which I believe prevents from healing properly. Also the sebum from the pore prevents it from closing up. It seems rather deep and it is not too noticable until I pull my face down to stretch the skin. I have had it for a few months now. I use phisoderm clinical with salicylic acid and spectro jel for blemish prone skin as well as spectro hydra care moistureizer for blemish prone skin. I am currently using bio-oil on it to see if it helps fill it in abit. I am curious if anyone here has this same problem and if there are any products out there that would be more effective with this type of scar. Or if a microdermabrasion would help with that scar and other scars caused by myself purging the blackheads from my nose. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I'm curious what others will say. I also have a few scarred pores on my nose because they kept filling up with junk (ew..). I know a lot of people say the nose heals differently than other parts of the skin so it makes treating scars there more differently. Maybe you could try dermarolling or some tca cross.

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