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Couple Accutane Questions (Cyst Related)

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Currently I am about 2 weeks into my 40 mg 2x per day accutane course. Before I started, I got a small pimple under the skin that only seemed to inflame for about 2 days, then nearly went away for good. A week after I started accutane, it began to come back, by yesterday, it was a inflamed red pustule on my cheek. It was very bothersome today, as it hurt when I talked, so I found the most sensitive part on the end and gently pricked it, which released some pressure as (sorry for this) some dark puss and blood came out.

I know for sure I did not pop it because not that much puss came out, and what came out was very liquidy. Now its hard, red, same size, but less painful...the thing that scares me is that I had one just like this a year ago and almost in the same spot before and took 5 months to go away completely.

I know I cant really do anything to it since im on accutane, but do you think it will heal as I progress into my accutane course, or will the accutane prevent it from healing properly? I am already getting very dry and chapped lips and its only 2 weeks, so I feel like the rest of the months are just going to get worse with no results...

Also, is coffee ok on accutane? Because I usually dont drink it that much, but i started a new job and its very accessible to me (I only drink it black though)

One more thing...I weight about 135 lbs...is 40 mg twice a day too much? My doctors been in the game for almost 50 years and only prescribes this amount because hes had an enormous success rate, but i feel like it may be too strong since i already have dryness and am breaking out.

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Im on 40mg a day and I weigh 185 POUNDS.

My derm has found that the less accutane you use the better and he says in his experience, it just means you have to take the drug for longer and taking more for a less period of time, does not increase your chance of never having acne again.

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Sounds like a cyst for sure, some dermatologists will give cortisone injections while on accutane. Some wont, but it is worth calling your clinic and seeing if your dermatologist is willing to give them. I'd hate to have a long term cyst on accutane and risk having a scar there. It's so easy to scar on accutane. Since you can't use any topicals now that you are on accutane it makes getting rid of those cysts hard. I suggest the cortisone shot if you can get one, if not ice that baby and spot treat with tree tea oil.

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See page 11 of attachment for Accutane dose information.

!Accutane FAQs.pdf

There is no known interaction between caffeine (the stimulant in coffee) and Accutane; see page 18 of attachment.

However, if Accutane makes you anxious, I would avoid drinking a lot of coffee, because caffeine can also trigger/worsen anxiety in some people.


Good luck

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