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I have just come off Accutane in March and now I am back to square 1, I have spots again. sad.png

I have since tried Vitamin D3 at 3200iu a day for 4 months, Zinc 45mg a day for over a year, Vitamin C 1000mg a day for over a year. I am now trying witch hazel with 600mg dispersible aspirin as a toner am and pm.

I got the idea from acne.org, this website has been so helpful to me with such a wealth of information, the best thing is that the information comes direct from people who suffer with spots/acne/oily skin. I have come to understand that not everything works on everyone, so I am still trying out different products to see what will help.

Being honest I have been using the witch hazel and aspirin toner for over a week, so this is still new for me I haven't noticed a difference yet. I am also using prescription topicals, Finacea in the am and Epiduo in the pm this is a new routine for me too just under a week. I'm hoping these steps help. I'll keep this post updated.

Good luck to everyone suffering!

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Just a little update...

I can see that my new routine is helping, I'm getting less new spots/pimples. I have made a slight change in routine as I'm getting a slightht tingling/burning sensation on my face but I still use the aspirin and witch hazel toner twice a day but I now only use the epiduo every other night to see if it will help. I have only missed one night, so I can't feel a difference yet.

I still have very oily skin, I'm blotting and using powder to control it as best I can. I'm very self conscious about it but I know here is not a lot I can do, apart from going back on Roaccutane, but I'll be able to get another referral next year but I don't really want to go back on it again. We'll see, I'm goin to keep looking for something that will help reduce the oil.

I hope everyone else is having better luck than me. Xx

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What kind of makeup are you wearing? Have you checked to see if there are any comedogenic (or acne-inducing) ingredients in them?

I'm sorry you're struggling! But you're not alone, and you're definitely right about how much information this site has to offer.

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Usually people go through two cycles of accutane, however personal opinion I refuse to ever take that drug. But, Im also trying new Products. Ive been on PanOxyl BP 10% face wash and its been working for about a year until recently I noticed more breakouts and Im eating healthier than when I started. Im thinking of trying the Acne.org Regimen soon but have heard mixed things about it. Anyways best of luck trying to switch it up its always a pain.

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