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Birth Control, Antibiotics

Hi! I'm just recently re-started birth control (ortho tri cyclen) to help with my flare-up of terrible acne. I am also on antibiotics to help calm down a lot of inflammation. I was wondering if anyone takes probiotics while on antibiotics? I'm worried about having digestive issues. Any advice?!

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i would not take antibiotics if I were you because it makes the acne all come back after you finish it and even if your body adjust to the bc pill, you will still break out once you come off it even if you've been on the bc pill for like 7 months. it wont save you from the breakout. I know because its happened to me way to many times that I just stay away from antibiotics because there is no point to them. just take the ortho everyday and within 6 months you will see great improvement. just be patient is what I have learned! and the ortho (any bc pill) MIGHT make your acne worse before it calms down and clears up (from my experience w/ 3 different kinds of brand bc pills). just be gentle on your skin and wait it out cuz in the end that's the best approach to take with acne (from my many mistakes)!

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I will never take antibiotics again if I can help it. When you have been on them as many times as I have, they lose all beneficial effects and just give you impossible to cure yeast infections.

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