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Sunburned; What Now?

So I was out in the wild for a few days. Forgot the sunscreen and acquired a sunburn, haha :)

I haven't used the regimen since I got sunburned. Its red and I bet its over in 2 days (that would make it 6 days without using it). Should I use regimen on my face now, or wait?

Also, my face is kinda dry. Should I use the regimen´s moisturizer? Will it help? I don't got any other products..

Thanks :)

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If your face is still sunburnt I would avoid the regimen for now because it will just sting and irritate your skin even more. Let your skin recover fully first. Have you been using lots of moisturiser since getting burnt? If not make sure you do because it will rehydrate your skin and help the sunburn recover quicker. Any moisturiser will help so the regimen one should be fine to use. :)

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You live and learn!

I probably wouldn't use the BP until your skin has healed (although some users would tell you to just carry on as normal...) and try to keep it hydrated as possible. Keep out of the sun (if you can) for a couple of days.

Use Dan's moisturiser because it contains some soothing ingredients like licorice root extract and isn't too harsh.

It should all settle down in no time. :)

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Like the other ppl said... moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! If your face starts to peel, try to resist the urge to physically peel off burned skin if possible

Sunburn happens to the best of us!

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