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I don't have awful acne but lately i have been getting more and more pimples on my face.. so i went to see a doctor and he gave me doxycycline.

I have to say at the start it helped a bit, not a lot but it reduced the amount of acne i was getting.

D: Its been exactly a month ive been on it and a couple of days ago i started getting pimples on my chin and near my cheeks. I NEVER have gotten pimples or marks near my cheeks/chin... so its really weird im breaking out around here.

I've read some topics where this has happened to other people and they just took doxycycline for another week and it cleared right up. So is this normal? If i keep taking doxycycline will it go away??

im going on a date this weekend.. and i cant see the doctor until next week.. so yeah. eusa_pray.gif praying for a miracle i hope this breakout goes away soon..

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did the doc ask u to take for 1 month??

if u take antidiotics for a too long period.. the infective micro organism becomes resistant to the drug.... wats d dose../??

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I've been taking doxycycline 100mg twice daily for the past year or so. After about 4 months it started working great but now my acne is even WORSE than it was when I started, ALL around my cheeks. I never used to have acne there, and now I do.

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