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Accutane Seems Like The Only Other Option

I don't know what to do anymore

I'm 22, almost 23 now. I've had acne since I was 14 and it has barely subsided. I've tried almost everything:


Multiple face washes

Acne.org regimen

3 or 4 kinds of antibiotics


Removing things like dairy and sugar from my diet

Sleeping on a clean towel every night

Forgot to add:

One 5,000 IU vitamin D capsule daily

One 50 mg Zinc daily

Water keifer

Right now I was my face with benzoyl peroxide twice a day and use Differin nightly, while taking minocyline twice a day. It was effective for a few months, but I'm just getting normal breakouts again. It seems Accutane is the only other option, but I'm terrified of the potential side effects. What can I do?

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You have tried:

  • topical antibiotic (BP in Proactive and acne.org regimen)
  • topical retinoid (Differin)
  • oral antibiotics (in combination with topical treatments)

Unless you are female, in which case hormonal treatments are another option, Accutane appears to be your last resort in terms of prescription treatments with established efficacy/safety.



Good luck

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