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Progesterone Cream In Men And Women Method!

Okay... So I'm 14 and male and I have had acne since I was 10 and now it seems to be fading but I have been left with a ton of scars, yeah I still have the odd one or 2 spots, but basically what this post is about is progesterone cream, I was wondering if progesterone cream would help acne in anyway for me or anyone suffering can it be helped just for men or just for women or both, there's one thing I know about this cream is that it reacts different in men and women even though it was made for just women for example if a male has to much oestrogen in their body you apply the cream to the effected area and then its meant to balance out the hormones and in women obviously the opposite the reason I think this might have a chance of working is because male and female bodies have progesterone in them that controls the production or oestrogen and testosterone which means if you can balance it out it will stop the cause of hormonal acne right? I just really need answers

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Can't really hurt to try. I don't know any men on here who have tried progesterone cream, but as long as you are moderate with it, you should be fine.

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That's risky, especially since you're male and 14. Your hormones are still trying to regulate themselves, so I wouldn't recommend messing with them unless you are SURE that you have a progesterone deficiency. Unfortunately, hormonal experiments don't work like math or logic. It's not a plus or minus thing, it's more complex than that depending on your body's needs. Your body might react in unpredictable ways, and you might get adverse reactions. I would suggest getting your hormones tested (saliva testing is usually more accurate) to at least have an indication of your hormonal levels...the tests are not 100% accurate, but they will usually catch significant imbalances if that's where your problem lies. You could also get tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I haven't heard of any men curing their acne by using progesterone cream, especially at such a young age.

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