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Muh "stack" (Get Your Hormones Checked)

So yeah, I never had good skin growing up after the age of like 17. Finally now that I am 32 I look older. My skin isn't that bad, but its not silky smooth like I wish it was.

So I started seeing a new doctor and she checked my hormones. My body has been taking my testosterone and turning it into estradiol, progesterone and DHT.

I am on Femara (an aromatase inhibitor) and finasteride (DHT blocker). I also take injectable testosterone cypionate.

This month I added Genotropin Mini quick 0.6mg daily. This is supposed to be magic for your skin and nails. The Asian girls down at the salon are already remarking about how my hands are really starting to bling =)

So yeah... that's the hormone front. Now that I have that straightened out, all of my blood levels are optimal.

Annnd after reading a study about low dose Accutane being a long term solution with little or none of the side effects popularly portrayed in literature, I decided to take 10mgs a day and have been doing so for a few months. I still get all of my blood labs done monthly because of the stupid Ipledge thing. But yeah, no side effects and it works great. I use a lip balm to keep the lips fresh, otherwise I feel fine and don't notice any of the other crap.

Also I use Tazorac almost every night.. it is the bomb. I plan on using it for the rest of my life. I highly recommend the Tazorac.

I have clindamycin foam for a supplemental use, but I never need it.

I also use Neutrogena acne body wash and like every other face scrub and finishing cleanser they offer. I have some Clinique moisturizers for the full on Patrick Bateman morning routine experience.. but yeah. The Accutane and the Tazorac are the stars of my regimen.

So yeah.. step one.. get bomb ass insurance like me.

Step two.. get an awesome doctor.. or several like me

Step three.. get your hormones checked (this dictates your success with treatments)

Step four.. do the Accutane with Tazorac. Low dose Accutane for an indefinite amount of time. Like years. Tazorac is the best retinoid ever.

Step five.. eat right and don't do things that make you age. Sugar is terrible for your skin theres a documentary about it online.. check it out (aging, sugar, skin)

Good luck.. I wish I hadn't listened to the hype on Accutane I could have started sooner.

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Agree with your final point. The condition of your skin is a projection of what's going on inside. If you eat healthily and cut out the sugar, your skin will glow. Like the rest of your organs, your skin needs nutrition to survive.

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