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Could Autoimmune Diseases Like Lupus Erythematosus Be Cuasing Long Term Chronic Inflammation In The Skin?

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So I just read a bunch of things that completely blew my mind. Apparently, Photo sensitivity (known as Photophobia) is a symptom of Lupus. Me being extremely sensitive to bright lights and flashes, and migraine prone (but cured my migraines completely) this got me thinking. Maybe Lupus was contributing to my skin problems and on going inflammation of my eyelids. I also read that Lupus is a very deadly disease.

And then I was watching this youtube video:

They talk about how autoimmune diseases which there is over 80 of them are all caused by the same factors; diet being one of the biggest culprits. He also mentioned how vaccines could alter the way the body functions by stimulating the immune system to attack it's own tissues. Another thing that leads to autoimmune disease is when processed food & gmos changes the gene expression. And conventional meat is also on the list because the enzymes in animals get changed when they are fed gmo or grain instead of grass.

It also got me thinking, this must be why they give antibiotics to animals so they can keep on feeding them the food that makes them sick.

The way I see it, it seems that if we cure one problem and start eating and living the way we should all other problems will disappear. So maybe it's a good thing that I have acne instead of a horrible life threatening disease. Because I was able to catch the problem before it got worse. If anyone has any input on what I found please feel free to post it. I'm still trying to understand everything at this point.

*oh I also wanted to mention that symptoms of Posterior uveitis (inflammation in the back of the eye) are also photophobia along with seeing floaters which I get occasionally. and photopsia that I used to get with a migraine with aura. I really hope that I don't have this problem because I read that it is the most serious type of uveitis which could lead to blindness. I feel like I am doing fine it's just a bit scary because I am still sensitive to light and it's ironic because I do have MGD inflammation of the eyelid / clogged glands. Sorry if this sounds like it isn't related to acne, I think it is because meibomian gland dysfunction is a skin problem.

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