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Oily Skin, Need Help With Breakouts

Hello everyone, 17 year old here. I've been getting breakouts constantly from the face, chest, and back for the past few years and I'm starting to get tired of this acne. Recently I've been getting more cysts and whiteheads through my chin area, mustache area, and the area that's above my nose. For some reason my breakouts would alternate from these areas and I would get a grace period of a day before another breakout occurs. Now, I have pimples on all areas, and it's really getting irritating. I blame my oily skin for this, but although I use acne wash and wash my face three times a day I still have this issue. Is there a way to regulate my oily skin so that I can prevent these breakouts? I was thinking of using Zinc supplements but at the moment I'm not sure whether or not I should use it.

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Have you seen a Dermatologist (skin doctor)? If you have cystic acne then overthecounter products alone are likely to be insufficient/ineffective and you need to be under the care of a Dermatologist to prevent physical/psychological scarring. Dermatologists can prescribe you a range of oral and topical medications which are effective and which you may not have tried, including oral antibiotics, which are particularly effective in combination with a topical retinoid cream/gel such as Retin-A or Differin

For males, however, the only thing that has consistent scientific evidence for reducing both oil production and acne is Accutane.



Good luck

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If you are sure that it is the oily skin that's causing it; I would recommend something like Accutane, as it does dramatically reduce the oil production (or shrinks your oil glands; something to that effect). However, the area in which you say that you're getting acne seems to be a hormonal related issue (see chinese face mapping for this, its been quite accredited!). Try to reduce the amount of facewashing to twice a day, and maybe use a damp cloth once a day.

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