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Minosil Not Working For Me?

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Hi, I have been taking 1 tablet of 100mg Minosil ( minocycline ) for the last 6 months or thereabouts.

I have moderate acne which mainly just affects my chin, both sides of my chin to be precise. I occasionally get spots in other areas such as my forehead and nose ( lots of visible open pores) .

For the last 6 months I have seen no improvement at all sadly. If at all, my acne in my chin area may have gotten a tiny bit worse. There are mostly no heads on my spots on my chin, just kind of flat red spots mainly with an odd white head popping up on the flat red spots occasionally.

What do you guys suggest i do? Should I keep taking minosil for another few months or try a different type of medication? I am about to go to college , which saddens me as I am the only guy in a group of friends that has acne as such.

Any help, tips, advise etc are welcomed!

Thanks for any help

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If minocycline hasn't helped you at all in the last 6 months then it is unlikely to do so, although ideally your Derm would have initially prescribed you a topical retinoid to use in combination with the oral antibiotic.

Since you are male, hormonal treatments are not an option; have you considered Accutane?



Good luck

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Is there aby chance that Minosil be causing redness or acne for me?

My 6 month prescription ended today and I am wondering wether to leave tablets for a few weeks and see if anything happens?

The main problem with my acne is that on one side of my chin I have red marks for a few months and they won't go. That's the main thing. I have spots popping up every now and then but the new ones goes after a day or two

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