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Negative Experience With Saw Palmetto

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I haven't been on this forum in years, but I just wanted to post briefly that I had purchased the standardized Saw Palmetto from GNC to combat my oily skin after reading about it on this forum and elsewhere online, that when I woke up the next day, I had the worst rash all over my neck. After 2 more pills, it got even worse, and I knew right away that it was the Saw Palmetto. I know that many people have a positive experience, but I just wanted to share the downside of it as well. I took off of work today and now taking Cetrizine (I believe it's the prescription form of Zyrtec). I was so happy to try it, but now I think this could be good that this is definitely not worth it for a long term effect even if I didn't get a rash. I also googled adverse effect reviews to read both sides, and now appreciate this didn't work for me. It will work for some, but definitely not me. I wonder if I'm just sensitive to some herbs. I did also take Accutane 5 years ago, but either way, I couldn't handle this. I will have to find other ways to help with my oily skin. Thank you for reading.

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I, m giving saw palmetto a try, but I have only been taking it (120 mg of saw palmetto per day) for a month, and it,s too soon to say something positive or negative. But I´ll keep updating with my experience with saw palmetto. Yanis808, thank you for sharing your opinion.

Has anyone tried saw palmetto in the past and could you tell us your experience?

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You're probably allergic to saw palmetto or some other ingredient in the supplement. I got hives when I took an alpha lipoic acid supplement for my acne. Unfortunately reactions like that aren't something you can predict without trying out a supplement for yourself.

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:\ Awww. Have you tried zinc and d3 and all that other good stuff? Or were you thinking it's hormonal?

If you're worried about oily skin I would try drinking Bigelow's Mint Medley tea. It might sound crazy but it always works for me. I kinda hate how strong it tastes but when I drank 2 cups (big-maybe 16 oz.) with two tea bags each time -> totaling 4 tea bags a day, my skin was no longer a greasy mess.

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Thank you guys for reading. I'm sure I was allergic to it, and I also had to take a couple days off from work because it was so horrible. I gave the Saw palmetto to my boyfriend, and he is fine on it. (It helps with balding so I gave it to him and he excitedly took it lol) I have tried spearmint tea for a year now, I still drink it even though it doesn't help my oily skin. I also drink green tea everyday and eats veggies/fruits, but nothing really helps my skin. I've had oily skin since I was 12, and even thought I had maybe PCOS, but the doctor said I don't have any symptoms for it. I suppose I was just trying to find a reason for my skin being VERY oily. For some reason I don't see myself growing out of it. I once had an English teacher in high school who had oily skin and she was in her late 40s, but it just looked greasy. There are a lot of other things I tried like high doses of B5, but I wouldn't recommend that as it made me very tired.

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