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Any Advice Or Experience With This Problem?

Hi I use to have very bad acne during my teens but after years of face washes that made it worse and long corse of lymecycline's I eventually was treated using Accutane and that seemed to be the end of my problem.
3 Years later however and out of nowhere my spots have come back, and don't seem to be budging. Im now 24 and after being 3 years clear skinned, had moved away from the insecurities that come from having bad skin, so its a pretty big knock that they have come back. Strangely however they seem to only be around the mouth area, whereas before they would appear all over. Is there a reason for this??? Has this happened for any one else? I thought accutane had been a wonder cure... would greatly appreciate any advice on this and on what this could be / how I could sort it before i have to go back and visit my GP?

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could be the flouride in your toothpaste, try a xylitol based one

I know it's crazy when things change suddenly - but as you also know, accutane is amazing but not a cure, it puts the acne in remission but many need a second or third course to completely knock it out

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I have read about this fluoride in toothpaste thing and will defiantly give it a try.

Would this be the case if the toothpaste is touching areas around my mouth which are then becoming infected and inflamed or is a result of ingesting fluoride.

I am reluctant to give accutane a second try as the side effects were crippling for me, the subconscious side effect of having acne however are much harder to deal with.

Thank you very much for responding

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