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Head & Shoulders Clears Facial And Bodyacne. Try It!

Hi i have been washing my face and body with head and shoulders classic clean for about 3-4 months now, and in that space of time i have maybe had 1 pimple a month, but it would be tiny and once i got the head of the pimple it wouldn't come back.

now i am pretty sure im like 100% clear of active acne and now just left with the acne marks under my skin.

trust me if you havnt tried this, go out and buy head and shoulders classic clean infact i think any head and shoulders will do providing it has the ingredient ZINC PYRITHIONE in it, within a week or 2 i can guarantee you will notice a difference- all spots wont be raised anymore and your face will be unbelievably smooth and the same with your body acne. Heres how to use it correctly:


1. wet face with cold water

2. Squeeze a pea and a half amount of the H&S onto palm.

3. Rub hands together just so you have it on both hands.

4. Start washing your face in a circular motion for about 2-3 minutes. Make sure the shampoo has foamed up.

5. Once satisfied that you have washed your face enough wash splash face with cold water again, making sure all of the H&S is washed away

6. THIS BIT IS VERY IMPORTANT. Do not dry face, leave it to air dry (only takes 2minutes) you can wipe the water from your eyebrows, beard and sideburns but that is all. You will know if you have done it properly because once you face has air dried it will feel tight, its also important not to touch your face and lay your face on a pillow or anything because the regimen kind of applys a barrier to the environment and laying your head on a pillow or something will wipe away this barrier.

now once your face is dry it will be smooth and the redness from the spots will be lesser within say 30minutes, you will notice the difference this regimen makes from the first wash, providing you follow the steps above.


1. squeeze a good amount of H&S onto whatever you wash your body with.

2. Wash making sure the shampoo foams up again.

3. Once satisfied wash it away with water (water does not have to be cold)

4. Once finished in the shower, dry yourself (doesn't matter if its with a towel or air dried)

and that's it your body acne will subside within 2-3 weeks i promise!

PLEASE NOTE: UPON APPLYING THE H&S to your face for the first few times it may sting a little bit but its okay and after say a week, your face may be dry and flaky but that's okay too, my skin is used to it now but when mine got too flaky i would just wash with jojoba oil mixed with cetaphil facial cleanser at night till it got better which by the way also is a very good regimen, following the above steps for your face but switching products around.

now go and try this H&S regimen but be sure to stick to it for atleast 3weeks but post your progress.

now i have helped you people out i seek some advice of my own.. How can i get rid of the marks left behind by acne? Because once that has been achieved we will have flawless skin.

thanks for reading and enjoy!

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