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Constant Oiliness On Nose (Irritation?)

I've been using the regimen with Dan's products (cleanser, treatment and moisturizer) for about a year and a half now. For the first few months I was on the regimen my skin was 100% clear. Then all of a sudden my skin started getting really oily, particularly on my nose. We're talking slide across the room on my face oily here. My skin seems to have mostly calmed down, apart from my nose, which is oily all the time and it doesn't matter what I do, I can't get it to stop.

I've tried using the regimen once a day and that didn't help. I've tried washing more/less, moisturizing more/less, using more/less BP, being gentler/harsher, using different water. No matter what, it just gets really oily. Sometimes it gets oily after a couple of hours, other times 30 minutes.

I've noticed that since it's gotten really oily, my nose also seems to be a tad irritated at times. The skin will feel very tight around the bridge area, like someone is actually squeezing my nose. The longer the oil sits there, the more that feeling intensifies and eventually it turns red and actually throbs. A lot of the time I have little spots on the bridge and on my face adjacent to it.

I took a break from the regimen and my skin broke out like crazy and my nose was still oily. I've recently tried a stronger BP (Benzac AC/Acnecide 5%) on my nose and that seemed to actually fix things for a few days, and then suddenly it was all back to normal.

I've tried rinsing my face with water during the day, to avoid irritating it, but I find when I do that I get lots of little spots on my face and my nose gets oily very quickly afterwards. I've basically resorted to dabbing it with tissue paper as gently as I can, but that seems to irritate it as well and an hour later the oil's back.

Any ideas what I can do to get this under control? Would AHA on my nose help, do you think? Or does my nose just not agree with Dan's products?

I'm at my wit's end and getting very frustrated. It really looks awful having a shiny slick nose all the time and it feels very uncomfortable with the tightness and throbbing.

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