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Scratching In My Sleep!

Ok story time. So pretty much In my sleep I scratch my face Involuntarily which leads to newmpimples and increased irritation. Now putting benzyl peroxide on my irritated face doesn't seem like the best idea because it burns like hell. So I will wait until my face returns to a healthier state. Is there anyway to prevent myself from scratching my face in my sleep because it feels like I'm taking one step forward two steps back. Now granted the regimen has pleasingly been working on my face slowly but surely but the biggest problem is the physical irritation caused by my Involuntary scratching. is there anyway I can prevent this. obviously the benzol peroxide is irritating my face , should I reduce the amount. Maybe I'll have to sleep with my hands cuffed ( not srs ) thank you misc

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I had the SAME issue about two weeks ago. I think the problem is your face maybe isn't moisturized enough at night. Well at lease that was MY issue. I just jojoba oil now & haven't scratched my face since. Where is the scratching happening?? Mine was my jaw!

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I'm itchy by my cheeks and eyebrows. It sucks because I already do use jojoba oil in my moisturizer so that probably isn't it haha.Good for you though for fixing it. I'm gonna just take it easy for a while.

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