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Best Solution For Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation\red Acne Scars?

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I currently have a lot of inflammed red blotches on my chin, which I believe to be red scars left behind from a nasty break out. I have patiently waited about 5 months for them to fade and the have barely changed at all. I even spent $80 on a skin lightened cream, which did nothing. Im becoming increasingly frustrated because I dont have the money to spend on products that dont even work. I would describe my skin as oily, and my skin is smooth, it just looks discolored with flat red marks all over my chin. No, I do not pick at my skin at all, and my pimples still leave marks.

Im on my 2nd week of microdermabrasion treatment.

Im also thinking of using Neaclear Liquid Oxygen to see if it lightens them,

Im not trying lemon juice.

Any suggestions? I would love to hear from someone who has personal experience like mine:)

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AHA I use alpha hydrox enhanced lotion, 10% - build up slowly, it stings at first...my skin is tough I use it night and day.

I've also used lactic acid peels from time to time.

and sunscreen on the spots to make sure you don't reverse what you've worked to lighten

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I second mrsrobinson's answer. AHA has really helped with the red marks that acne left behind. Also, I found it to be really good as a spot treatment too. I spot treat twice a day and it makes the zit go away faster and it leaves behind a mark that isn't so obviously red.

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