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Finally found the reason why my skin doesnt respond to any acne treatments.

I've been using treatments for about 3-4 years.

My skin is very oily, but dehydrated.

Im using honey as a face wash, because everything else kind of hurts my face. Right after I wash my face... it's all tight and flakey in some areas (around my mouth HURTS), but then the oil starts pouring in.

I get tons of clogged pores (forehead mainly, tzone area).

Also I'm moisturizing with 100% hyaluronic acid.

Yeah I dont know what to do. My face hurts and this oil/dehydration is driving me insane.


gluten free, dairy free (minus natural yogurt)

I drink tons of water. I seriously dont believe drinking water helps with skin hydration, cause i drink 8+ glasses a day.

So.... any ideas how to fix this? It's pretty embarassing.

oh yeah.. im 14 so im sure hormones contributes to this oily problem. but i swear i seriously dont think hormones can make your skin THIS bad. i think this is the result of using so many products.

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I had the same problem awhile ago, and an acv toner fixed it. My skin still gets oily, but the dryness is mosty gone. Check out the acv link in my signature for more info.

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you are to have at least 2.5 litres of water everyday that included tea or warm water if you take any.

its okay if its a lil' less though!

also try acv Cbiot said.

you could try elovera.i've heard its good & i am up for trying it this winter.

isnt HA helping u?

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my skin has improved so much.

oil production has reduced significantly.

what I've been doing...:

taking makeup off with grapeseed oil.

cleansing with Avalon organics Vit. c cleanser

moisturizing with 100% HA

drinking dandelion and rooibos tea

raw honey face masks (inflammation)

yogurt face masks (redness)

not sure what is exactly helping... but my clogged pores are clearing up and the oil is going away

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