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Lowered My Testosterone Level Without Spiro

I have PCOS and cannot take spiro to control it. After realizing I could no longer take spiro I thought I would always have to deal with elevated testosterone levels. My birth control, zovia, was helping a bit, but my levels were still at 66, and my doctor said they should be below 30.

Well for the past 6 months I have been taking metformin, eating a low glycemic diet, and taking vitamins C and D, and my testosterone levels are now at 16. My doctor now says I am finally in the "girly" range lol. I no longer get cysts, and my skin is much less oily. I do still get mild non inflamed acne, like blackheads, though. I'm sure if I was even more strict with my diet I could almost completely eliminate my acne.

I hope this offers some of you guys some hope, because after I found out I couldn't use spiro I was pretty hopeless. I thought I had tried everything to get my hormones in check, but apparently I had not.

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Thank you paigems for giving us hope because I can't take spiro either because I have low blood pressure and I fainted when I tried to take Spiro.

I am currently taking Diane 35 + Zinc (three days ago I started taking 160 mg saw palmetto but it's very soon to say something) and my testosterone levels are 76 ( I don,t know if it's the same measure in every country I am in Spain) but my doctor never says to me I have elevated testosterone. I still have acne, but not inflamed acne (blackheads, oily skin, red marks)

On your experience ¿Which one of the elements you are taking is better to reduce testosterone? I mean metformin / vitamine C or D/ Diet? and Have you ever tried saw palmetto?

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Glad you were able to lower your testosterone! Did you have hirsutism/unwanted hair growth?

I take vitamins C and D as well, but I only noticed a reduction in my facial fuzz when I added inositol powder. It's too early to tell if it's working for acne, but based on the hair reduction I think it's lowering my androgens and it's only been about 3 weeks on a low dose.

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Sorry guys, I forgot I started this thread...

I take 1000 mg of metformin per day and I believe it is the main reason my testosterone levels decreased. Once I started it took about two weeks before I noticed a difference. My skin seemed much less inflamed and "healthier." It took quite a few months though for my testosterone levels to drop to the level they are now.

Vitamin D doesn't seem to make much difference in my acne, but I have been very deficient in it in the past so I try to take it regularly. Vitamin C and green smoothies make a big difference in my skin, but I'm not sure if they decrease my testosterone levels.

I don't really have much unwanted hair. I do have a little, but not on my face, and it's really never been much of a problem for me. I haven't noticed the metformin really making a difference in it though.

Unfortunately, while the metformin is helping a lot, I may have to stop it soon because it's causing me to lose a lot of hair. I had the same problem with spiro so it seems like I just can't win with hormonal treatments. There are a lot of people reporting this side effect online, though, so at least I'm not alone. I'm thinking about trying berberine as an alternative.

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