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Accutane/ Absorica

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I am 33 & never had acne problems til I turned 30! The hard cyst under the skin that stay forever & leave scars, I always had oily skin & blackheads too. I tried proactive which only made it worse. I tried antibiotics creams & other meds from my dermatologist. Back in February my dr started prepping me for Accutane. I started my first month back in march. It took about 2 weeks to start working then I went back thru a bad spell again after about 2 months my oily skin was completely gone! My scars became less visible, the redness was going away my blackheads were vanishing & my skin became smoother. Thru this process I had experienced dry face & extremely dry lips which I was prepared for from advice given by my Dermatologist. First I was using Vaseline on my lips, then my husband got me Carmex & it healed the dryness instantly. I go thru 2 tubes a month (from my pocket) I've become addicted to Carmex I have to keep one by my bed one in my truck one in my purse & one in my pocket! But for the price of being acne free I'll deal w the lips til this rides over for sure! I just started my 6th month yesterday & it's my last month. I can honestly say I have more confidence in myself than ever before because the Absorica worked perfect! I've been on 40mg the entire time & at one point in the beginning wanted to go up in dosage but he encouraged me to be patient & it takes time. After a few months I only would get them around my cycle but they were easier to maintain. By now I barely breakout anymore. My regular skin care along w it has been super easy, i use PURPOSE face soap oil free by Johnson & Johnson its a yellowish bar of soap in a baby blue box at most grocery stores & walmarts & it takes MONTHS to go thru this face soap so it's a $ saver as well. It will dry you out a little along w the Absorica but it'll pass. And your using that extra help to pull the oil out. For years I've used neutrogena OIL FREE w sunscreen SPF 15 moisturizer which is non greasy & good for your skin. Ive been blessed w blood work every month that has been normal, & this being my last month I can look back & say my side effects were worth taking the medication! I was fortunate not to have bad side effects, I just had dry face & lips. Face dryness went away but the lip dryness will always be an issue while taking the medicine. I'm almost home free :) so anyone discouraged about this medication try to be patient & give it 3-4 months to really kick in. It'll be worth it!

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Glad you like the results. Accutane was a life saver for me as well.unfortunately Im on it a second time but its well worth it.

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