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Dried Whiteheads

Hi im a 17yrs old college student. I have a problem with whiteheads. My mom usually tell to leave it alone and let it dry, but hte problem is, leaving the whitehead dry makes it to fall off and leave an awesome meteor site. I dont know what to do, im really worried because most of them are placed in my nose. THANK YOU FOR ANYONE THAT WOULD HELP.

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there certainly are two schools of thought here, the leave them alone put a spot treatment on and let them dry up group, and the gently pop and then dry them up group

what I do is spot treat the little white heads with salicylic acid 2% (you may prefer BP), then I layer pure aloe vera over the SA after about 15 minutes....so I get the drying of the spot, but the healing powers of the aloe

if it's a bigger white head, I do a very gentle extraction, a very small needle to prick and gentle pressure to clear the pore, then the SA then the Aloe...make sure your hands and the needle are clean and sterile

And of course make sure you are on a good regimine to treat your trouble spots to try to avoid them in the first place!

the key is to apply either aloe or a little neosporin while the pimple is healing, that may help avoid the 'meteor'

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Topic moved to General acne discussion. Please read the forum headings and descriptions before posting. Thanks!

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