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I Know It Sounds Obvious But How Do You Know If You Have Dry Skin Or Oily Skin?

As the title suggests, how do you know? Because if someone were to have dry skin, then their body will try to compensate that and produce excess sebum to moisturize it, therefore creating oily skin. Would that be defined as dry or oily skin? Thanks for the reply

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It's not as easy as you'd think. I get dry patches of flaky skin that are really oily at the same time, so I class my skin as 'combination skin'. I can also have days where my skin is oily and others where it's dry. In winter my skin gets super dry, but right now it's just somewhat oily.

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The thing about skin overcompensating oil for dry skin etc is a complete myth invented by the skin care industry. People believe it because it makes sense, but its simply not true.

When i first started the regimen my skin was really really dry, but it still got greasy and shiny throughout the day - even now my skin isnt dry anymore, my skin is still just as oily. For me its genetics because it runs in the family, so regardless of what i put on my face its going to be oily.

The skin care industry tries to make you tink that you need to dry your skin out with loads of harsh chemicals and that will cure a medical skin condition. Not many skin care regimens cater for acne prone skin that is sensitive and prone to drnyess - thats the beauty of the Acne.org regimen, because it does . :)

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