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Update To Juicing Cured My Acne!

As of recently I have stopped drinking the juice and have instead started caring for myself more, I keep my shoes and clothes clean try to get a good nights sleep and try my best to keep stress levels to a minimum.

I noticed that when I'm stressed out I break out.

Now that I've stopped the juice (kind of makes me think we're taking about steroids lol) I notice that I still get acne but it's More like how other people get it, a pimple or two here or there, no more deep painful cysts on my face, just small pimples.

So what did I do to summarize?

I started taking care of myself by cleaning my clothes and shoes, getting regular hair cuts, going to the gym etc.

This boosted my self confidence which I found to be one of the biggest factors in reducing my acne.

The next thing I did was I stopped masturbating and watching porn (I know this is like crazy talk for some guys out there) but I stopped and instead I found myself with more energy, confidence, and in a better happier mood most of the time. I got myself a girlfriend and things are going great. Stopping masturbation and porn was a big big factor in reducing my stress acne, which led me to getting a girlfriend and reversing the vicious cycle I was on.

I also stopped drinking dairy, it bloated Me and made me feel like crap whenever I drank it, so I stopped. I still eat cheese here and there, but I've seen a huge reduction in cystic acne ever since then.

By no means does that mean that I am acne free, I still get them but they are small and NOTHING compared to how I used to get them before I started getting serious about my life and making the changes that needed to be made.

Another thing you should realize and hopefully will when you make these changes it's that every one gets acne maybe not cystic acne but everyone gets pimple here and there. So now when I get them I don't pay too much attention to them because I know I must be under stress and I'll be clear again soon, instead I focus on solving the stressful situation and forget about the acne that it causes.

Whenever I get more than 2 pimples I make a juice and usually. Within two days I'm clear again.

:) that's it.

Yeah so this is me now lol




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So why did you stop? You still do it as an emergency treatment, so I take it you still think it works? I have started myself with this to see how it goes. I've been wanting to juice and couldn't figure out what to make, so I went with this, seeing as it make have a nice effect on an existing problem.

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Good for you! I'm curious what this juice is? I've had a similiar experience in cutting out dairy. Eliminating dairy has made a huge difference in my acne. I no longer get cystic acne. I'm shocked that no one has developed an online course to help people find there food triggers so I'm currently working on one.

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Yeah man that would be super helpful. The juice or the nutrient really, is green leafy vegetables now I just in corporate them into my diet every couple of dies to keep my vitamin a high, i eat a batch of kale and call it a day.

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