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Solodyn High Price, No Generic?

Hello everyone. I am a new to the forums. I wanted to ask a question about Solodyn. I was recently prescribed Solodyn for my face, but it is pretty darn expensive. So I started looking around for a generic, but didn't find one. I don't want Accutane.

So am I stuck paying the high price for it? Insurance co. doesn't cover the whole cost. Also, during my research for generics, I came across some people complaining about lack of Solodyn generic and something concerning a patent dispute. So maybe that's the issue (I hope it's o.k. to post a link to it). http://www.classlawsuit.com/solodyn-price/

Anyway, if there is a way to get it cheaper, please let me know, I haven't found anything. Thank you.

- Rich

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"Solodyn" is just extended-release minocycline, which is a tetracycline antibiotic.

There should be plenty of normal-release versions/generics of minocycline available in your country, but the only extended release version is "Solodyn".

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I took solodyn 55mg for 2 months it is very expensive but my insurance covered me I only had to pay a copay of 15dls. However, it did absolutely nothing for me. I'm now taking accutane

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