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Got Off Dan's Regimen After 1 Year - Help W/ New One?

Hello, I am a male that has been using the Dan's regimen consistently for about 1 year now (cleanse in morning, then cleanse at night w/BP application and moisturizer/AHA+ w/jojoba oil), and while it worked very well and cleared me up, I decided in the past week or two to get off it for various reasons. Since then, I have been weaning off the BP since I have heard your face can build quite a dependency to it, so I slowly reduced the amount I used. I am now looking to build my own new regimen, one that may perhaps be a bit gentler than what I was on previously. I have never had particularly bad acne, the only reason I got on Dan's was because someone I knew used it and I figured I'd give it a shot (which turned out to be a one-year adventure). But I would still like to keep a healthy face and something which will keep those blemishes away! My skin is on the oilier side, and I tend to mostly get whiteheads that get inflamed and fill up with pus (which I do not like!!) in random spots on my face, though I have a large amount of blackheads on my nose. Since I have been on Dan's regimen for a year and it is all I have ever known, I tend to think of a regimen as 1) Cleanse 2) Treat 3) Moisturize/Exfoliate (with AHA). But, as I've been looking around the forum, I'm thinking my new regimen would probably look something like the following: 1) Cleanse 2) Treat/Tone/Exfoliate (not really sure here) 3) Moisturize. I would most likely do a cleanse in the morning and could possibly follow it up with some type of quick/easy lotion, gel, etc. to quickly rub into my face, as I have to go to classes in the morning. At night, I would do the full regimen.

I would definitely NOT like to go back to benzoyl peroxide, so I will go ahead and rule that out as a treatment. I would prefer something more along the lines of using salicylic acid or possibly tea tree oil (or anything else people might recommend) to fight and treat the acne - nothing my face can become dependent on. I have heard good things about Aveeno Clear Complexion foaming facial cleanser (which I would use as a cleanser), also good things about Paula's Choice BHAs (which would probably be more along the lines of a treatment). But I would like lots of suggestions! I only have experience with Dan's regimen and really am pretty new to this, so post what you think might work! Thanks.

EDIT: I also use EradiKate to spot treat pimples, which uses sulfur. Used Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion for about a year, but heard some say they preferred EradiKate, so I switched.

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I am not a BP fan, never have been, but Salicylic acid works for me - check the drugstore shelves, and you'll find some kits that are SA based and not BP based

So you could go down that path...SA - personally I use a mild cleanser sometimes tea tree, sometimes just cerave wash and I use the SA as a spot treatment and all over in the trouble areas...then I layer a little pure aloe over that after about 10-15 minutes

At night it's tazorac.

That along with no dairy and no gluten, some good supplements works for me.

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Thanks! I have lately been thinking about using a cleanser such as J&J Purpose, CeRave foaming, or Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming, and then perhaps using a salicylic acid exfoliant (such as Stridex pads or Paula's choice BHA). Then some type of moisturizer to top it off. In the morning, I would just use the cleanser and some type of serum or toner to give my face a good look.

I have also decided to cut dairy out of my diet. Alongside the acne benefits, it tends to make me feel sluggish and give me digestive problems - neither of which are very pleasant, lol.

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