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Anyone Have Huge Fear Of Future Pimple?

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so i have this fobic thing, i visit psychologic and he gave me antidepressant. my problem is, iam so afraid of new pimples, i think about it always, i wake up and straight to mirror and if new pimple appears my day is destroyed. AND i dont even have severe acne!!! i have some pimples + red marks but i just cant handle this problem anymore, i would give anything on to world for clear skin i would exchange for healable cancer and iam deadly serious, acne is killing my life, totally.

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i am scared of new pimples also.but i dont think i let it ruin my day anymore.

i am like 'its just a pimple'.

saying that to myself, often helps.

i hate that moment when i feel there's something below the skin or may a small bump that i feel is gonna grow and have grandkids!

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I know how you guys feel. I have 'the fear' every single morning and am constantly mirror checking throughout the day. Sadly, I am usually right and when I feel the tingling under my skin, a new one usually pops up within 24 hrs. The joys of acne..

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Yep. I usually don't wake up in the morning with a new pimple, but it happens to me after the shower. At the end of the day I hop out of the shower and before I even try myself off, I check the mirror to make sure the concealer is off and see if anything new poped up. If its just red, I'm like its ok, but if its a new one, then ALL I WANT TO DO is stay home all day the next morning and apply creams to heal it and check it every 2 hours or so. Ughh.. Drives me through the wall man.

PS: I find it funny im reading this because I just got 3 TINY new pimples near my mouth and cheek and im in mental rage mode right now, trying to figure out the cause. ex: new spice I used last night? Rushed my gym workout with lots of sweat? ect...

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