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Scar Age

Do scars get worse as we age? Or is there a way of improving them/ texture, size, colour, depth etc etc in a way to make them appear 'gone'?

I have light scaring in places due to picking (worst habit of all time) and would like to know if 0.5mm 1mm atrophic scars will eventually disappear from the months/years of skin exfoliating etc

I have a really quite small scar thats dark red in colour compared to the surround tissue, and its in the shape of a love heart! so if it never goes.. then at least its kinda quirky (: !

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Typically speaking, yes, scarring tends to get worse as we age as our bodies produce less collagen and our skin looses moisture and elasticity. You can't really predict how your skin will look though, short of owning a crystal ball. :P

In terms of our skin 1mm is actually quite deep. Deeper scarring sits at 1.5mm (usually for acne scars and minor accident scars) and as deep as 2mm or more for burn victims and surgery scars. The scars sitting more shallow than 1mm might eventually fade a little as our skin exfoliates but I'd expect anything deeper than that to worsen over time.

Short of any surgical or invasive procedures to improve scarring, retin-a is your best friend. It will prompt your skin to exfoliate faster and coaxes your body into producing healthy collagen and fibroblasts. So, at the very least you can combat any redness/discolouration and help to keep your scars from looking any worse over the years... but again, everyone is different. :)

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Quirky Fox, you are right on. As one who is older than anyone else on this board I can attest to the fact that scars do not improve with age. I always point to the fact that as far as the body is concerned once the scar is in place the healing process is complete. I have a 50 year old scar on my finger from a cut that has never changed. It was an old non-acne scar on my forehead that proved to me that Re:pair was working. It is very hard to pinpoint an individual scar to judge the efficacy of a treatment. After my 1st Re:pair there was uncertainty as to its effectiveness. With only a 30% improvement the changes are subtle. It was then that I noticed the dramatic improvement of the forehead scar and another non-acne scar on my nose. Re:pair was in its infancy and it was still being marketed as a "One and Done" treatment. Improvement I had, but nowhere near the results I was seeking. It was then that I was reading Dr. Michael Persky on RealSelf and he was advocating multiple Re:pairs, and I knew then what I was going to do. Re:pairs improvements are subtle, but they are cumulative so a series of subtle changes results in dramatic improvement.

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