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I'm well on my way. Once I finish school in two years I'll have several opportunities; preferably I'd like to work for a military defense-tech company but I've also looked at car and aircraft manufacturers.

I make sure that my attitude and confidence is what people remember me for; not my skin. As long as you have good hygiene and are able to look presentable, it is not a deal breaker.

I meet people all the time that hold high positions at my university; and some do have less than great skin. Once you get into the adult world people understand that acne does not define a person, how they act does.

Bad skin can only hold you back if you allow it.

By the way, I know for a fact that people use make-up in the corporate world. You just never hear about it because most men won't admit to it. I know if I ever start I won't spill unless I'm caught red handed :)

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I have a successful career and have acne scars- and not the little ones that people post here with 'the worst scars ever' - I have rolling scars on my cheeks and had active cystic acne at the start of my career (those of you who know my story know accutane didn't work for me sadly). I got very good at covering it up, but there is no mistaking that I have acne and scars.

I couldn't agree more with CBIOT13, it is only a problem in the adult world if you let it be. Look people in the eyes, and be confident. If you are still in college, and socializing is hard then focus on your grades and your resume, do activities that will make you more marketable. In the working world what you can contribute is much more important than acne scars.

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