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Accutane: First Few Days

Hi just started my second course of accutane for mild to moderate cystic acne, my first was 20 years ago so i dont remember much about it. Im 34 year old male and weigh around 90kg. Despite weighing nearly 200 lb i have only been given 40mg a day for the first two months...anyone else think this is a little low?

Im on day 3 of my treatment and have broken out badly(for me anyway) and my face is producing twice the oil it usually does...its a full on slick!!. Has anyone else experienced a dramatic increase in sebum production and breakout so early on? I thought the IB would come arround a month in after enough of the drug had built up in my system and even more suprised it had this effect instantly on such a low dose.

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Im about 175 and Im on 40 mg a day. Its a pretty normal dose. My face is just now starting to dry out Im on day 14 but I had very oily skin. Were you using topicals before you started like BP? Stopping them may have made your face seem more oily.

Also how long did you first course keep you clear for?

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Hi...yes i was using topicals so this may explain the oil explosion on my face. My first course kept me pretty clear for around 5 years and then it came back but less severe....and in different places to before? Im still clear in the areas where my acne was originally really bad but now its appeared in places i never had acne, even as a teenager!.

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