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Any Luck On These Foods?

Ive been looking forward to add more foods into my diet but am curious to know if anyone on here would disagree with the following:

- Sweet potatoes and or sweet potato chips (with sunflower oil in ingredients)

- Turkey Burgers

- Beef Jerkey

- Meatballs

- Tomatoes

- Pineapple Juice

I just want more of a variety to choose from and was wondering if any of these could be included. I know some people are different with their reactions to foods but I don't want to find out the hard way. So if anyone has had problems with these foods or success please share.

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just sweet potato(not the chips - they could be indulgence once in a while.i am not sure about sunflower oil - post a new thread seeking opinion on that if necessary), check for night shade intolerance for tomatoes(include them only,nothing else and see if it has any effects in say 2-3 weeks),

pineapple is good in general but if u have any intolerances then u will have to check(similarly) for yourself.

homemade meatballs (with just meat,salt,pepper,thyme or other herbs and spices) baked/sauteed/grilled/bbq-ed are great addition in my opinion.

beef jerkey??what are these?

actually turkey,beef or any other meet in moderation is not too bad but it all depends on how its made.

use the safe ingredients u are okay with at home and try new recipes with those.u should be good.

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