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So I have had great success using the regimen, however, after using it for a while, I noticed that my face was producing alot (and I mean A LOT) of excess oil. I would get really oily around my t-zone (forehead especially) after only a few hours. The regimen worked on getting rid of my larger whiteheads and the angry red pimples I got, however, I had lots of teeny tiny comodone pimples still, the kind that are too little to pop-- basically just blocked pores I'm assuming. They appeared mainly on the areas where the excess oil was, but I also got them on my chin and around the bottom of my face.

Has anyone else experienced these problems? What did you do? I thought maybe my face was getting used to the regimen so I went to the dermatologist and had him prescribe me some topical medicines, but they just don't seem to work as well as the regimen. Help!!

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I had the same thing happen. BP got rid of my inflamed acne, but I still had a lot of underskin bumps that only showed when the sun hit my face at certain angles. AHA managed to get rid of this problem. It caused me to have a minor breakout again when i first started using it, but once that breakout healed, my face was left being perfectly smooth. It basically brought all the under skin bumps to the surface as acne and once healed it stayed away.

So give AHA a go!

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