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Still Flaky And Burns

I'm on my week 9 and I'm still super dry and scaly.

I tried to peel the dried skins hanging on my face with a tweezers or my bare hand carefully not touching my face.

I sometimes do the tape method to take off the dead skin. Did I overdo it or what?

I tried mixing moisturizers now. In the morning, cleanser, bp and acne.org moisturizer. in the eve, cleanser, bp and cetaphil mix with acne.org moisturizer. I still feel stingy sensation every time I apply the moisturizer neutral.gif I'm still frustrated.

I look like a mess

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Hi, I'm only 11 days into the regimen- so not as far as you!!

After the initial few days my skin was very tight and flakey. For me dans moisturiser wasnt doing anything, even though I was mixing jojoboa oil into it!! I guess the products arent suited to everyones skin.

Ive changed my moisturiser to boots daily derma care moisturiser, in the evening I add 1-2 drops of jojoboa oil into it. Every other day I have also been massaging jojoboa oil into my skin for about 5 mins then I leave it on my face for about 15 mins before I wash off and continue with regimen. ( This method was posted on this forum).

I dont know if this is a temporary change but today is the first day my skin feels softer and doesnt look as flakey. I still have dry skin but the dryness has improved a lot!

I guess it's a case of trying different things, maybe try the jojoba oil if you havnt?

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Yes I know Jojoba really does miracles in moisturizing. But from the previous post I did, jojoba is not available here in Saudi Arabia. I only ordered a 2 big kits of the regimen but I didn't add any jojoba or aha, just the basic. Any other suggestion?

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