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Trilex Herbal Tea For Acne

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anyone on this forum has tried drinking this Trilex herbal tea that can be purchased from HK. From the packaging it lists it has the following functions:

- Removes body's inner heat for clear breath and smooth defecation and relieving mouth-sores, sore throats, and common skin problems associated with excessive sebum production that are caused by poor diet, endocrine imbalance, or insufficient rest.

- Smoothes undesirable feeling caused by excessive intake of greasy foods, improves the digestive functions and prevents gastrointestinal infections with regular use.

Enhances the immune system to prevent upper respiratory infections, such as flu, coughs, ect.

Calms emotional anxiety caused by work pressures and busy lifestyle.

Initially I bought this product to cure this cough that went on for 6 weeks straight and didn't seem to have an end in sight. After drinking the 1st tea bag the cough immediately went away.

But this year, I finally realised a pattern with my acne that heat was a trigger for my cystic acne. I have a previous post if anyone wants a quick background. Claiming it "removes body's inner heat and removes excessive sebum production" I thought I would give this a shot for clearing or controlling my acne.

I'm now 3 weeks into it (drinking 2 tea bags a day) and I have to say that my acne is relatively controlled. I have had no major breakouts but just the few pimples that pop up but are not cystic and just normal. I was wondering if anyone was tried this or willing to give it a trial run.

Even though I'm drinking it I'm not exclusively putting it down as my cure as I am also doing the following for my acne control

- not playing sports (as I seem to explode with cystic pimples 1 week after a game of basketball or tennis)

- not eating oily, fatty foods and having an extremely good diet (off junk food for a good 8 months now)

- been using ACV to spot treat PIH

- from 2 weeks ago I switched to Dan's AHA to spot treat the PIH (even though I believe ACV was working pretty well)

So I was just wondering if anyone has tried or willing to try and love to hear their experience if this tea is any help with acne.

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