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Is This A Scar And How Can It Be Treated?

About 6-8 months ago I became concerned with an area on the left side of my face. It appeared to me to be a bit scarlike/depressed. I went to the dermatologist, explained the problem, and all she basically did was prescribe me with Retin A Micro .04%, saying it would smooth out. It's like she didn't even see it when I clearly pointed it out. Well... I've used Retina A Micro for about 8 months now and I haven't seen much improvement at all in the area. Acne free, yes for the most part. The occasional pimple now and then but the scarlike/depressed area still remains. I've recently been using Aloe Vera gel on the area twice a day, running/exercising, drinking lots of water, and eating a very healthy diet of foods that contain Vitamin E, C, A, etc. Spinach, sunflower seeds, etc. in hopes that area will fill in naturally with new collagen. I'm hoping to avoid any type of surgery. I would like for this area to heal the natural way.

What puzzles me is the right side of my face is perfectly fine. No problems whatsoever. I don't really understand the cause of the depression/lack of collagen on the left side. I never really had anything like severe acne or even acne in the area from what I recall. Maybe a bit of initial dryness but that's about all I can recall. It's quite frustrating :/ I'm going to a new, higher rated dermatologist in about two weeks, but before then I'd like to get some feedback if possible. Perhaps someone can tell me 1) if this actually a scar or not and 2) if it is how can I treat it? Again, I'd like to avoid any surgery. I'm young, only 22.

I've listed what I use on a daily basis below as well as two pictures of the area. I doubt it, but could any of these medications be counterproductive in healing the area?


-Cerave Hydrating Cleanser


-Aloe Vera 100% gel

-Cerave Moisturizing Cream


-Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

-Retin a Micro .04%


-Aloe Vera 100% gel

-Cerave Moisturizing Cream

Hair Skin and Nails Pills (x3)

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