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Help Please, What Next?


Basically i've tried everything in the books for acne, the only thing that ever worked for me was minomycin. I was clear for about 6 months, but my skin was really red, and being a white person when i blushed it made my skin burn and turn into a beetroot, kids at school teased me about it and i couldn't talked to girls.... So i got off it stayed pretty clear for about 3 weeks, my confidence became so high, skin went back to my normal skin colour and life was good for a while!!!! Then my acne started to come back.... Its not that bad but some areas are starting to get really bad like my chin, and on the right side of sideburns and on my left jawline. Like its not that bad, i can live with it, i used to have really really bad acne, i felt like giving up everyday about a year ago, it was terrible. I can feel that my skin is going to slowly get back to that stage if i don't go back on minomycin or try something new.

My regimen consist on

x2 minomycin 50g per day

Ivory soap in the shower morning and night

Some coco body moisturiser that is really good, no oil, no scents its acne recommed and has vitamin e or sum stuff...

I'm a health nut, week days i have a strict diet, of grilled chicken tuna and veggies, and on weeked i have like 3 cheat meals....

3 litres of water a day

weight lift 4 times a week, im on protein shakes and creatine (Doesn't effect acne)

I use a new pillow case everynight, sleep on my back, use a new towel each shower, finish my showers with cold water, have 2 showers a day!!! Dont have pets, house is clear grrrrr sick of acne.....

So should i just accept the fact that i have to live with a red face, loose my confidence and stay on minomycin, or should i try something new like accutane???

Thanks in advance, i've tried to be as detailed as possible

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