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Identical Products To Pattern With The Regimen?

Can anybody recommend me some good products that are similar to the regimen? I don't think they ship to my country and even if they did, I don't like buying products online anyway. So far I think the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and the Benzac AC 2.5% are good choices, I don't have one for the moisturizer though. If you have better recommendations, please tell me. Thanks!

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I haven't used the acne.org brand products so I can't compare them to store bought ones for you, but I have been using the regimen on store bought products for a bit over a month now and it's been working really well.

I've been using Johnson's top-to-toe for a cleanser, Benzac AC 2.5%, and Cetaphil moisturiser with jojoba oil at night and Neutrogena oil free SPF 15 moisturiser in the mornings (with a little cetaphil mixed in).

I really like the Johnson's cleanser. Personally, I'd recommend that one over the Cetaphil cleanser because it lathers up really well so it makes it easier to follow the regimen exactly and cleanse your face gently and for only about 10 seconds. It's also recommended by Dan as a good alternative product. But if you like the cetaphil cleanser then I think it would be fine to use that one.

The Benzac gel works well and is effective which is the main thing. I have found that it can dry a little white looking on skin that is really dry but that goes away as soon as you apply moisturiser so that's not really an issue for me. It's also the only BP gel that comes in 2.5% that I can get over the counter.

The cetaphil moisturiser works well enough. I've had a bit of trouble with moisturisers but I do think the Cetaphil one is a good option for night time. It's probably a bit too thick and greasy (especially if you use it with jojoba - which is great for flaky dry skin) for day time but I think it's good to have a thicker moisturiser for night. In the first few weeks of the regimen, my skin would be incredibly red and burn a lot after applying this moisturiser which was very very annoying. But I think that happens with a lot of different moisturisers until your skin gets used to the BP. My skin doesn't burn now after applying moisturiser which is great.

The Neutrogena moisturiser is good for the day time because of it having SPF - which is really important for your skin in general, but even more important when using BP as it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. I do have to use quite a bit of it though and sometimes put a tiny bit of cetaphil on first to help with any really dry areas, but I do really like this moisturiser for the day.

And if you're able to get jojoba oil then I think that's a really good idea. Mixing it with your moisturiser really helps with the flakiness and dryness that the regimen can cause (and the dryness and flakes do subside in time). I don't think any brand is really any better than another... maybe just look for one that says pure jojoba oil or organic jojoba oil.

Good luck with the regimen! Go slowly with increasing the BP - give your skin time to adjust. Be patient, positive and follow it a closely as possible and you should see great results for your skin soon enough! :)

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I also haven't used the acne.org products, but I do use Wal-mart's Equate line, which is supposed to be a cheaper version of Proactiv. I just follow the same steps as the Regimen and I've had some great success with it. The only thing is that I use the moisturizer as the BP treatment since it has 2.5% BP in it. As for moisturizing, most days I didn't, but when I started to get flaky, I used jojoba oil and patted it in. Good luck (:

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