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Green Tea + Licorice Root = !?!?!

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Hello everyone!

I have an interesting question that Google and other search engines can't seem to answer.. So I thought I would turn to you lovely people on Acne.org for a little insight on this...

So I've been drinking Decaffeinated Green Tea for about 7 months now (to help control my acne) and last month I started to notice a lot of hair falling out from the top of my head. I didn't think anything of it, thought maybe it was stress but it has continued for weeks and is still pretty persistent in this last week. I first thought it was the fluoride that is apparently loaded in Green Tea, especially Decaffeinated Green Tea.. So I bought a little bottle of Green Tea Extract that is supposed to be Decaffeinated as well as Fluoride-Free but this hasn't seemed to change the hair issue either.

Long story short, last night I realized that drinking all the green tea over the past several months has likely created an autoimmune disorder because green tea is a stimulant of Th2 in the body and we need a healthy balance between Th1 and Th2 to have a healthy and happy immune system. This disorder could easily cause hair loss as a symptom, as well as fatigue and brain fog that I have also experienced.

Th2 being stimulated by the green tea means that I need to stimulate the Th1 in the body to balance out the immune system.. And one of the key natural ways to boost Th1 is to eat Licorice Root or eat Garlic (both of which are supposed to be helpful for acne as well)!

I'm just concerned that the Licorice Root will lower my testosterone too much and I will grow man chesticles.. But at the same time if I continue to drink Green Tea (which raises testosterone) wouldn't that keep things balanced?

If I drank a cup of Green Tea Extract combined with Licorice Root Extract would the negative effects of high and low testosterone cancel each other out...?

Share your thoughts on this if you'd like. smile.png

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i am not 100% sure about this.

but drinking green tea in moderation is not going to hamper much in healthy person (with no previous history of autoimmune disease).

i'd read an article which spoke about those with auto-immune diseases to avoid or moderate intake of green tea.

how much did u drink per day?

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Thanks for the response! :)

I was drinking three cups a day for a while but the hair loss and fatigue didn't make an appearance until a few weeks after I had upped the daily amount of Green Tea drinking to 4 to 5 cups a day. I've searched around but this might just be one of those little experiments that I have to try out myself to get a solid answer. I know dropping Green Tea completely could help but it has done too many miracles for my skin and fight against acne.. and it's got a lot of other healthy benefits as well.

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so u think green tea has helped ur skin?

also,u could just lessen the amount u intake.

plus,do u think or know that u had that auto-immune disease happening tendency?

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It's not an exact since...people react to herbal teas differently, and one may not counterbalance the other. I personally avoid both green & licorice tea, and never had success with herbal teas other than the occasional roiboos and oolong ones.

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I drink 3 cups of caffienated green tea a day and have actually noticed an improvement in my hair. Just putting that out there for an alternate point of view on the matter - of course, everybody is different, and everybody will get different results. We're not all configured the same after all. I hope you find a solution to your problem soon!

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Yes you are right .. I got that problem with me, I drank a lot of green tea and the reason for my hair loss and this observant! And also when you drink too much coffee will fall out of your hair ..

I think your body type endomorph, the piece does not drink it too much or drink it with honey or licorice

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