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Cosmetic/plastic Surgery

Other than realself and makemeheal, what are the best websites to learn about a procedure (I am interested in otoplasty)?

thanks guys

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I've been meaning to post something in regards to this for a while. There is a lot of misinformation out there in regards to cosmetic surgery and much of this is perpetrated by the industry itself in order to confuse people. The most egregious example of this are doctors who purposely try to confuse the consumer about their true title.

A PLASTIC surgeon performs cosmetic surgery, but a COSMETIC surgeon can not do plastic surgery. It's a subtle difference, and doctors count on lay people to get it confused.

Plastic Surgeons:

- These are true plastic surgeons in the strictest sense of the term

- The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only board recognized by the ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties)

- They can do surgeries of the entire body

- Have at least 6 years of formal surgical training, 3 in general surgery and 3 in plastic / reconstructive surgery

Facial Plastic Surgeons

- These doctors usually are ENTs, also called Otolaryngologists (ear / nose / throat), who subsequently take part in a facial plastic surgery fellowship

- Only perform surgery on the neck and up

Cosmetic Surgeons -

- These are the FAKE plastic surgeons. They do not have a formal training and typically take short courses (sometimes weekend courses) on things like doing lipo and then start marketing themselves as "cosmetic surgeons"

- They legally cannot call themselves a "Plastic Surgeon" and usually join fake boards with official sounding names like the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Do not be fooled, these boards are set up to lend an air of credibility.

- They can come from any specialty. Therefore you have gynecologists doing breast implants, and dermatologists doing liposuction, which are way out of the typical curriculum of these specialties.

So buyer beware.

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BlahBlah, caveat emptor indeed! I think a higher percentage of the people on this board will be seeking Plastic Surgery than they realize at this point in their lives. I am planning a full facelift in 4 years or less, but I have began my studies. A good place for individual answers is Dr. George Yang (who has been mentioned on this board before).


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