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hi my name is anthony and i suffered from acne a long time and not just mild acne but severe acne over my face, i got called pizza face and all types of names smh but now my skin is clear, and i get comments on my complexion just thought i would help some other ppl that might be suffering from the same problem here's what i did not guaranteeing it will work for you but it def worked for me. first off all i had to stop washing my face so much i know that sounds crazy lol, but its true if u wash your face to much your face gets dry and your face creates even more oil to balance out you face and then your acne can get worse. so i started only washing twice a day in morning and at night. secondly i use only products that contain 10% benzoil peroxide i found that this works the best for me at combating acne. and lastly this might actually be the most important thing i started letting the acne cream sit on my face for a while like 3 to 5 mins even 10 sometimes kinda like a mask to actually let the medicine sink deep into the pores, see i used to do like most ppl and lather it up real quick and then rinse off immediately not giving the medicine time to work i see way betta results when i let it just sit on my face.i lather it up on my face then i go do something for about 5 min u will actually see the medecine disappear off your face like magic lol but its actually just sinking into the pores destroying the acne. if u suffer fro severe acne Try this like i said im not guaranteeing it will work for you but def worked and still works for me, and i now drink sodas and everything and the acne neva really returns unless i just stop washing my face. also the 10% benzoil peroxide face washes work as really good spot treatments for really big pimples just let it sit like any other spot treatment.

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