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Flesh Colored Bumps Everywhere? Could It Be Folliculitis?

So I've been battling with these flesh colored bumps for a while, it's quite depressing to think how long. My inflamed acne has gone away and at first I got used to the bumps, as I was just happy to be able to move my face without being in pain, but now it's starting to bother me, from far away or up close you can't really see that I have much acne, however the texture of my face is rough, and it makes me look a lot older then I am.

If I spread my cheeks (like put my tongue in my cheek) or my chin, you can see all these bumps, it's like there's one for every pore, which at first made me think they were sebaceous filaments ,but there are areas (ends of my cheeks, around my temples) that are completely clear, and smooth, which makes me doubt that. I've had these for as long as I can remember, before I started to get inflamed acne. So were talking around 7 years, these things don't go away, and they only get inflamed if provoked. I've been on accutane (which if anything made it worse) doxycyline, stevemyacin (not sure hot to spell that one), benzol peroxide, and currently I'm on Retin-A micro. I'm on my third dermatologist because all of them seem to just give up after the second treatment, dermatologists in Canada suck.

Anyway what I wanted to ask is if it's possible to have follicultis that isn't inflamed? Anyone ever heard/seen this? This could be why all these orals/topicals arn't working.

I just don't see what else it could be. When I put Retin A on it either does nothing at all (doesn't even dry out my skin - probably need a higher dose) or it inflames certain spots (chin), when inflamed the bumps fall out and you can see holes were they were located before this part is quite painful, and just when you think you've gotten rid of it, it heals, and the bumps return in the EXACT same spot they were in before.

What is going on!?

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well mhhh... im no derm so this is just what i think. what do you use (product wise) on your face, also what makeup. And do you workout everyday? because sometimes working out in your makeup or sunscreen can cause clogged like skin. Also i had follicultis on my legs (both!) im not sure what caused it but it occurred after i shaved my legs one time- it was weird but they were nothing close to flesh colored more like massive red dots... almost looked like i had polka dot legs! i had to go to dr to get a med to clear it. Also i get bumps on my forehead if i touch my sheets or anything washed with scented detergent. Idk this is me just rambling- but your derm does know better than me :) good luck

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