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Help Is It Worth Me Continuin Tretinoin?

Hello all cool.png

So here's my problem: I have very mild acne (if it can even be called acne). AKA I've been having these little papules/pustules on my forehead/T zone for the past few months. They come and they go and aren't TOO noticable but they're definitely there. I want my clear skin back, so my derm prescribed me Tretinoin .025 Gel. Cool.

I've been using it every other night for a week and so far all it's done is make my skin dry/red/irritated. I've read everywhere here that there's a "purging" phase of Tretinoin and that after weeks--sometimes months--of intense breakouts and flaking, your skin clears right up. Which I guess is worth it, if you've got bad acne. I've also read that the IB can be mild for some people. Aaaaand I've heard that some peoples' skin adapts to it immediately and looks amazing.

IM SO CONFLICTED: should I just not be using Tretinoin if my acne is super mild? I'd rather not cause huge massive terrible red acne for 3 MONTHS before clearing up. I don't want to make an OK situation worse. And I'm scared it will give my cystic acne like all the pictures I've seen!!!!!

....help pleaseeusa_pray.gifeusa_pray.gifeusa_pray.gifeusa_pray.gifeusa_pray.gifeusa_pray.gif

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You have to give it 3 months before assessing results:


Your skin should become gradually less irritated by Tretinoin over time as it gets used to it.

Very unlikely that you will develop cystic acne from Tretinoin if you haven't had it before.

Good luck

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