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Who else is feeling depressed and unwell because of their Acne? I know I am.

I'm 15 years old and I used to have severe Acne on my back, upper arm, and my face. That was when I would just breakout - usually just when I'm on my periods. I'd just have the urge to pick them which is annoying because it's actually really hard to stop thinking about a pimple or let it stop bothering you unless you pop/pick it. I thought I had Dermotillomania because of how much of a bad condition I was in and how it mentally broke me.

I became anti-social for weeks and weeks, I didn't speak to my friends or parents. I'd stay and lock myself in my room where nobody can see that monster I am. I hated looking in the mirror. It would just tear me apart. I wouldn't feel like I was a girl, I'd feel as if I was some kind of abnormal monster. Every day I'd just wake up wanting to feel beautiful and not be afraid of being in public feeling insecure of the way I look.

Now that I am 15 years old, and still so young, I now have dark spots and scabs EVERYWHERE on the parts of my body that I have mentioned above. It has now been 7 months in and I'm trying to figure out which creams to use and what to do about it.

My Acne has gotten to an extent where I can't wear any summer clothes which make my arms visible or my back; I can't even go on holiday or even go to Prom - which is giving me a mental breakdown.

My parents, my sisters and even my best friend would bug me about how bad my face looks and how bad my spots look and IT'S NOT HELPING. I hate it when some one close to you brings you down about something you literally cannot do anything about knowing and leaving you thinking that dark spots will fade out completely in another 30 years.

I went to see my doctor the other day and she prescribed me to Tetralysal capsules which I am now taking once a day - and is supposedly to be taken up to a year! I can tell you that I have seen such great improvements in my face, my face is glowing and it feels so good to feel beautiful in my own skin for once in my life rather than putting myself down because of my previous breakouts. I really do recommend those tablets; it has been 2 weeks into using those tablets and I haven't seen one pimple on my skin and my dark spots on face are fading slowly.

On the other hand, I went to Boots and they recommended the Cocoa Butter Eventone body moisturizer which is meant to be used on my back and my arms, targeting those dark spots and get them to completely fade out. I am to use this for twice each day - I have JUST started using it and I will update on how well it is going. Boots also recommended "Fade Out" day and night cream for my face which is also meant to fade the darkness in my face and apparently I will see results in 4 weeks with clear even out skin.

One thing I PERSONALLY recommend is Clinique's "Dark Spot Correcter" serum which helped my dark spots on my face fade quite a bit. It's a great product and personally I would use it once more but it is expensive for me.

What's your stories? I'd like to hear from you guys. How bad are your spots? Are they now scabs? Scars? Are they emotionally breaking you?

- insxcure

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I dreaded going to school with acne. Its tuff!

Use this regimen 2 pumps of bp and 2 pumps of cetaphil moisturizer mixed with 30 drops of jojoba oil. Use CVS oilpads to wipe away shine. Your breakouts will stop immediately and within 2 weeks all existing pimples will be gone.

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