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2 Month Update: Regimen Once/day. Very Oily, Sensitive Asian Skin

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So recently (well... not so recently) i started the Regimen, and let me say first off that its been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life! So if your struggling and you need something that WILL work for you then The Regimen is the key! I recommend seriously starting it, and just have patience and persistence to keep going. Just always remember that you're suffering/being embarrassed now for the absolutely clear skin you will get on the other side.

... and trust me... its worth it.

SO a little background on me and my skin: Im male. 20. Asian. Very oily, sensitive skin. I have acne vulgaris, or in other words cystic acne.

So now its been nearly 2 months since ive started the Regimen. ... and yes, i do the Regimen only once a day. My experience with the Regimen in the beginning stages (as ive tried to start going on the regimen maybe 3-4 times in the past) is that if i put my skin through 2 applications of BP + moisturizer, i will (1) wreak absolute major havoc on my face in terms of itchiness, SUPER redness, burning sensations etc. all day. (2) i have oily skin... and i know that im not supposed to do this, but i feel that if i do go out during the day wearing the BP and moisturizer around i would look like an oil factory but on my face. Even wearing sunscreen makes me look like a mini oil factory, let alone having BP AND moizturizer on my face... phew... Hence, both reasons attributing to my decision to go on the Regimen with a single application/day system.

So far I cant say that its been a cake walk... there have been times where my skin has been so red, or subtly red making me look like I've constantly been sun bathing all day everyday... and not to mention the itchiness of it all sometimes drives me completely insane. Its so hard not to itch it and irritate my skin even more, but HEY as i said before you need to suck it up to get to the other side. I guess thats all the side effects ive gotten- only the major ones. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS FOR YOU TO START SLOWLY! Please start SO SO SO slowly. Your skin will thankyou for it, and so will your self esteem. I know mine did...

With the once-a-day application, i am currently in my EIGHTH WEEK and i need to admit to you guys that my progress (in terms of side effects going away AND in terms of acne clearing) is slower than you would perceive/get if you were to do the regimen with the normal twice-a-day application (obviously). All through the first month and up to now, i still have a red face although within the second month ive noticed that my face has gotten alot more tolerant to the BP and the redness has died down quite abit, albeit still slightly red (now its like a soft pink glow...).

Up till recently ive still broken out although not like i used to. Now its a break out here and there, maybe approximately two big pimples a week? with maybe some smaller ones here and there but all of it is manageable... especially with the knowledge that im treating it, and thoughts such as "that suckas gonna get some oxidizing shit storm goin on tonight" which makes me feel better rolleyes.gif Especially with the BP waiting time, Dan recommends about 15 minutes, but sometimes i like to leave it on for at least 30 minutes to 45 mins... just to make sure that it REALLY sinks in and that it dries out properly.

So right now my skin is acne free. For some odd reason, ive been breaking out on my left cheek but not on my right so my right cheek is absolutely clear and with no acne scars whatsoever, but my left cheek has maybe 2 or 3 dark scars on it. Its slowly fading quickly though.

Maybe its a bit too quick to say that ive gotten to the clear skin stage since ive only been clear for maybe a week now? But usually when i cleanse/apply BP i can feel new pimples coming up and this week so far i havent felt anything so im taking that as a good sign!

The only bad thing is that ive noticed this week is that my skins pretty dry during the day. As a guy, im embarrassed to say to my friends that I'm desperately insecure about my skin and that im trying to fix it and wearing moisturizer or putting on sunscreen during the day is a 'hell no' thing for me (although redness sometimes leaves me no choice) as they can clearly see it and often ask why my skins so oily... I also hate the feeling of an oily face in general so yeah... But so far its caused no problems for me! I especially feel the dryness after i cleanse in the morning. It just feels tight and on the verge or flakiness (but i've so far gotten 0 flakiness in this whole process) but not quite there...

I'm feeling pretty good about my progress! Its worked absolutely awesome on my skin and for my self esteem... i can now look someone in the eye for the whole conversation ahhaaha. The reason why i wanted to post this in the forum main feed is that i know alot of guys out there are struggling too, and most of the people who post on here are girls, so i thought id help out in the male gender department hifive.gif

I actually want to know if there are ANY OF YOU who are the same as me and do the Regimen only once a day, and i would like to know your progression in terms of getting acne free? Is yours the same as mine? Please comment below about what you think of what ive done so far.

OH ALSO: does anyone know of a really good VERY hydrating moisturiser for me? I first started using Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin (AUD$14/118mL)but i found that it doesnt moisturize me well enough and my face was really red all the time, so i switched to Avene Hydrance Optimale (AUD$40/40mL tub) and the redness reduced SO much. Its pretty expensive if i keep using Avene although its pricey, its seriously good and worth the money... if there are no alternatives i dont mind spending the money, but if there are other really good moisturisers that are very very hydrating for a cheaper cost then ill gladly switch! (Please recommend only Over The Counter moisturisers. Not Dan's moisturiser).

Thanks guys!

Happy Clearing!

Rickstascale over and out.

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Thanks for sharing your story and I'm happy that you've managed to get clear while only applying once per day. I dropped down to applying once a day but only after I got clear.

You may like to try cetaphil moisturizer which is quite heavy so you would only want to apply at night.

Again, congratulations on getting clear and for writing such a detailed post. I'm sure the newer regimen users will find your documented experience very helpful.

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